Wiki Stats is based on the original Wiki-Fi, but unlike the original website, it only has data about users.

Wiki Stats currently supports the following wikis:

Wiki Stats was built using the following software:

The source code is available on GitLab and on GitHub. Please consider buying us a 


Can you add support for this other wiki?
Possibly. Feel free to open an issue about it on GitLab or GitHub.
How often are stats updated?
Users: On demand.

Wikis: Hourly.

Lists: Hourly.

How do I report a bug / suggest something?
You can open an issue or send a private message to "Tark" on Freenode.
My edit count is different from what my preferences page says it is, what gives?
The number on your preferences page counts moved/deleted pages, we don't. Only visible edits are counted.
Why is my thanks/deletion/block count wrong or outdated?
User data only gets updated if the number of contributions changes, so if you thanked or blocked someone or deleted a page but didn't edit, move or upload anything since the last time your data was updated in the DB, it won't update.
How many users are stored in your database?
About 11,766 users in total across all wikis.
Who are the creators?
Tark and StargazerG.

Gabrielwoj, Goodjob, JB, Ravor, TidB, SiegelZ and Wikipan also helped with testing and valuable feedback.

Note: The users above are listed in no particular order.