Current version: 1.2.0 (GitHub · GitLab)

Server Version: 1.3.0

Uptime: 01:45:25

Version 1.3.0-dev — Unreleased

Added changelog page

Added bytes count to user stats

Added dark mode

Added pin users option

Added top 10 contributors to wiki pages

Added top 20 monthly contributors lists (/tops)

Added achievements and reorganized user pages into tabs

Added year selection to Top Monthly

Added Edits by Language graph for Portal and TF Wikis

Fixed a bug with the total file uploads count on user pages

Fixed some issues with Gamepedia's "Thanks" extension

Changed user page sections to a tab-based design

Gamepedia deleted accounts (@DeletedUser) are now ignored

Drank some milk to make the site stronger

Version 1.2.0

Added a special class (user-curse) for Curse employees

Updated the homepage to resemble Wiki-Fi's

Updated wiki homepages to display top 10 editors and uploaders from all time

Updated updateUser to automatically remove users when MediaWiki doesn't return an userid

Updated route files for wiki and users routes

Updated wiki routes from /:wiki/wiki/* to /wiki/:wiki/*

Updated user routes from /:wiki/user/:user/* to /user/:wiki/:user/*

Fixed lists directory returning duplicate lists in some cases

Version 1.1.4

Optimized the way namespaces and extensions are verified across wikis

Version 1.1.0

Added "Thanks" stats for TF Wiki (Extension:Thanks)

Updated dependencies

Standardized image sizes

Version 1.0.4

Updated dependencies

Fixed profile links not working properly when wiki path is set to /w

Removed non-functioning search bar from base error pages

Moved the "About" link in the navigation bar from right to left

Version 1.0.0

Hello world!

Version 1.0.0-dev — Unreleased

Jesus, take the wheel!